Protective mask spec AFNOR S76-001

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Find out more about SAFE : the personal protective handle !

Published on : 20/11/2020

SAFE is a 100%-French innovation, born from the need for a more sanitary way to travel on public transportation.

Ergonomic and sturdy, this personal handle will help you stand more safely on all types of public transportation systems (bus, subway, trams or trains) while avoiding microbe-ridden handrails.

Useful whether or not we’re in a pandemic, the SAFE handle will protect you year-round !

A general public mask for adults and kids alike

" GEM Mask fits most adults, whether you are a member of the public or a professional, as well as children over 8 years old. Whether you use it to protect yourself from COVID-19, to stay safe during your daily activities or at work, you can trust GEM Mask ! "

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