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Protection for everyone !

General public, professionals or kids alike, the Air Flow GEM Mask is perfect for everyone ! Lightweight, it offers superior protection while still being confortable enough to wear all day, at work or at play !

  • COVID-19 pandemic / Viruses
  • Pollution / Allergies / Pollen
  • Workplace risks

A 100%-innovative product, made in France !

With its double Air Flow system, GEM mask offers a superior efficiency : its two permanent and interchangeable filters retain 99% of particles 3μm and up. Hurry up and find out more !

Air Flow filtration mask

The adjustable, washable, sterilizable and bactericidal mask !

Lightweight, soft, comfortable, and designed for long-term wear, find out more about our GEM mask and its double Air Flow filtration system. With its 2 easy-access replaceable filters and its soft material, this mask fits all ! Find out more about the design of this 100% French-made product !

Filtration and performances AFNOR-certified (SPEC AFNOR S76-001)

" Its double Air Flow system offers an efficient ventilation while retaining 99% of particles 3μ and up through both of its permanent filters. "

Gem Mask - Air Flow

A patented technology
A French innovation

Designed for everyone, our personal protective mask offers a filtration system with easily removable and replaceable filters guaranteed for 50 wash cycles. Consumers and professionals (custom colors and logo printing available on request), wonder no more and order yours now !

An Economical and eco-friendly mask

GEM Mask is both economical & eco-friendly !

  • GEM Mask is economical, with a daily cost of just 0.05€ for 50 washes and a daily filter change.
  • GEM Mask is eco-friendly, with just 35 grams of plastic per person for a year-long use, compared to over 1 kilogram when using disposable masks !
  • GEM Mask is also 100% recyclable !
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Gem Mask Air Flow
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