Certified protective gear SPEC AFNOR S76-001

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behind GEM Mask Air Flow

UNS-1 AIR FLOW Filtration mask

GEM mask is a 100% exclusive French innovation

GEM Mask is 100% French-designed and French-made locally, guaranteeing the best possible quality and customer service.

GEM Mask is bactericidal: A silver ion charge is incorporated within the mask during the manufacturing process, to ensure a proper mixing of all components.

The bactericidal effect has been lab-controlled and destroyed 99,9% of all germs and bacteria applied on the mask.

These antibacterial properties are permanent and will last as long as the mask does, for a more comfortable wear and less irritation !

A general public mask for adults and kids alike

" GEM Mask fits most adults, whether you are a member of the public or a professional, as well as children over 8 years old. Whether you use it to protect yourself from COVID-19, to stay safe during your daily activities or at work, you can trust GEM Mask ! "

Gem Mask Uns-1 Air Flow

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2 shell sizes: Medium & Small

Our 2 shell sizes, Medium & Small, offer an important air volume inside, allowing for an unobstructed elocution. Lightweight for durable wear, at work or at play (40 g for the M size, 35g for the S size).

Washable, sterilizable & bactericidal

GEM Mask is a washable and sterilizable mask, conceived for long-term wear with its soft and comfortable material. The bactericidal material hinders the development of germs and bacteria both on and inside the mask.
The filters are protected by a double grid system ensuring no contact with the user and the longest possible use time before replacement.


The adjustable nose bridge ensures the best possible face seal, limiting air leaks and fog on glasses and screens.

Double Air Flow system

The double Air Flow system offers an efficient ventilation while retaining 99% of particles 3μm and up through both of its permanent filters (protects efficiently from viruses, pollens and other allergenic microparticles). Air permeability rate is 504 L.m-2.s-1 (at a 100Pa depression).
Filtration levels and UNS-1 performance were certified using SPEC AFNOR S76-001.

Holding system

Held in place and sealed with 2 adjustable elastic straps

Custom orders available

Choose from an array of colors and customization options (branding and logo printing)


" GEM Mask is economical, with a daily cost of just 0.05€ for 50 washes and a daily filter change. GEM Mask is eco-friendly, with just 35 grams of plastic per person, compared to over 1 kilogram when using disposable masks ! GEM Mask is also 100% recyclable ! "

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